Fast Loans

Fast Loans


Fast cash loans from SpotMe are loans that help you get cash quickly. The main idea here, is to give you fast access to a small amount of money on a short term. These loans are perfect for a sudden emergency or expense, that may affect the day to day life.

Fastest Cash Loans in Australia

SpotMe provides the fastest cash loans in Australia. Once approved, your loan will be transferred straight into your bank account within 60 minutes (during normal banking hours). Sometimes it may take a little longer, depending on who you bank with. If you bank with CommBank, you will see your money in minutes (during normal business hours).

How Long Can I Borrow for?

Our loans are not just 50% cheaper than the rest, they are also flexible. You can borrow cash from as little as 16 days to 3 months, the first time you borrow from us. Returning customers can borrow for up to 6 months. Once you register to apply for a fast cash loan, you can manage your loan repayments from your online account.

How Does it Work?

Once you register for an online account with SpotMe, you can apply for a loan online or on your mobile device from anywhere, anytime. Using our real-time risk assessment technology, we assess your application and provide a decision immediately. If your application is successful, your fast cash loan will be transferred into your account within an hour.

Our fast cash loans are designed to get you the money when you need it most. So what are you waiting for? Apply now to get cash in your account today.

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